Software for keeping track on lab strain collections?

Andrey Lage alage at
Fri Feb 9 12:42:12 EST 1996

Found in the 
I think it is opportune to post it to this news group too.

In article <4fd10a$sl at>, klas at (Finn K. Vogensen) wrote:
>We are at the moment considering to build a multiuser computer based strain 
>registration system, since our old fasioned "strain log book" no longer works 
>due to the number of strains we have, and the number of persons using it.
>Before doing so, we would like to know if you are avare of such systems, how 
>user friendly they are, if they are commercially available and at what price.
>We are interested in a flexible, multiuser system, with extended copying 
>facilities, automatic lognumber designation, automatic location designation, 
>If you know of such systems I will be happy to know.
>Finn Vogensen at fkv at

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