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Mon Feb 12 19:26:09 EST 1996

hantash wrote:
> Hi;
> I am not sure if this is the correct group to post this question for a friend
> of mine from over seas. But first I am not affiliated with any company and the question is just for my firend.
> My friend is buying instruments for a lab and he is buying a FACS machine from a company named Beckton-Dickinson (sp ?). A competitive 
company has told him tha
> availability of parts for future problems. I think he is trying from his
> side to find out if this is true or not but he also asked me to inquire.
> So Does anyone know anything about this.
> Thanks
> pleae e-mail me back at my address as there is no need to post on the net.
> Feras
> hantash at

Well considering BD is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of 
FACS machines in the world I don't think there is much chance they are 
going out of business anytime soon.  Their sales of reagents and service 
contracts on these machines alone will keep them around for a long while 
yet.  (We have 2 BD instruments here)

If your friend was right about that claim I suggest he stay away from 
that other companies rep as that individual doesn't know what is going 

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