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Wed Feb 14 14:39:15 EST 1996

Dear colleagues:

Please point out a good antibiotic for immediate use in our industrial, 
large scale process.
In this process where the yeast convert the sugar in ethanol, there is 
sometimes a bacterial infection.
Most of the bacteria are Gram positive and among them most are Lactobacillus
the ideal product has to be cheap and available in large quantities ( a 
typical dosis can be as high as 30 kg).
we used to use penicillin, virginiamycin, tetracyclins, but we are now 
seeing resistants to these products.
Also, please point out lists, people, magazines, etc. where I could find 
more information


Jaime Finguerut ( Mr., chem.eng.)

Copersucar's Technology Center
Fermentation Section
C.P. 162 Piracicaba S.P. BRAZIL 13400-970
fax 0055 194 29 8388

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