Medical Equipment & Supplies

Medical Information Systems med at
Fri Feb 16 08:44:16 EST 1996

It's Free for one month no obligation. Our gift to you for 
being among the first medical institutions and equipment dealers taking
advantage of our new Vmed software. Buying and selling equipment and 
supplies has never been easier. Vmed makes it a snap to display your entire 
inventory on the internet, you can also edit your supply and equipment 
list off line at your leisure.
This offer is extended to hospitals, dealers, clinics, home health 
facilities, dental offices, doctor's offices, etc. all who partake can
benefit greatly from using our buying and selling network service.
Vmed custom software allows you to enter your inventory off line 
and transmit it compressed via modem. With our free software this system 
will allow you to display to health care facilities, your inventory 
for sale or purchasing needs via the world wide web and our on-line 

                                   Thanks from the staff of MIS
                                    med at
                                    For a copy of our free software 
                                    Or you can down load it from:


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