Job Opening, Director-Antibacterials, Pharmaceutical Industry exp.

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Thu Feb 15 21:05:56 EST 1996

Hi.  Biosource is an employer paid fee service.  Our client,
a biotechnology company, is seeking someone to direct a
drug discovery effort of about 15 people in antibacterials.
This group works in high through put screening, using mechanistic
screens, and a library technique to uncover drug leads. Pharmaceutical
industry is required.  The director will lead the drug discovery
effort, manage which compounds get pursued or not get pursued, etc.
Interested people should E mail Marc Andelman, or FAX 508 853 8772,
or call 508 853 8803.  Unless specifically requested, I will only
get back in touch if this is a dead ringer for a particular 
person's background/interests.
Thank you,
Marc Andelman

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