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Mon Feb 19 04:42:12 EST 1996

Applications are invited for the following PhD studentship tenable from
October 1996 at UK Research Council rates from candidates who hold, or
expect to be awarded at least a 2(i) in a relevant subject and who are
either UK citizens (for full funding) or citizens of other EU Member
States (tuition fees only).

The successful applicant will join an active, well equipped laboratory,
with interests in the molecular biology of bacterial denitrification,
nitrification and iron metabolism.  Denitrification is the respiratory
reduction of nitrate to dinitrogen, and represents the major route for the
loss of fixed nitrogen from the biosphere.  The project will focus on the
sensing of, and response to, environmental signals in the denitrifying
bacterium Paracoccus denitrificans.  This is a facultative organism which
respires either oxygen, or nitrogen oxides and oxyanions (nitrate,
nitrite, nitric oxide and nitrous oxide) according to the prevailing
conditions.  The expression of genes involved in oxygen respiration and
denitrification is regulated by the availability of electron acceptors. 
The molecular mechanisms underlying the adaptive responses to
environmental conditions are poorly understood.  We have recently acquired
genetic evidence to implicate a small redox-active molecule as a component
of a signal transduction pathway which activates the expression of
denitrification genes in response to anoxia.  This entirely novel
regulatory mechanism will be explored further using genetic, molecular and
biochemical techniques.  Applicants should have interests in microbiology
and/or molecular biology.  The School of Biological Sciences is a member
of the Norwich Research Park, and offers an outstanding environment in
which to carry out research of this nature.  The School, and all other
members of the NRP, are part of the UEA Graduate School, whose prime
concern is to promote excellence in graduate education and to encourage
innovation and development in research training.

Informal enquiries should be directed to Dr Stephen Spiro, School of
Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ. 
Telephone: 01603 592777; e-mail: s.spiro at

Requests for application forms can be directed to John Charters at the
same address; telephone: 01603 593002; e-mail: j.charters at

Further information about UEA and the School of Biological Sciences can be
found at

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