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Eric Grunden egrunden at
Wed Feb 21 17:07:49 EST 1996

In a previous article, David.Faguy at ("Dr. David Faguy") says:

>Most (if not all) microbiologists don't believe there are any 
>bacteria (or archaea) growing at 400 C. Karl Stetter have some 
>that grow around 112 c (I think). The upper temperature limit for life 
>(as we know it) is probably about 120C. Above this the chemical bonds 
>that make biological macromolecules begin to break down (i.e. the 


You are, of course, referring to biological macromolecules that
have been selected for survival on Earth. There may be other
structural forms able to withstand extreme heat, which we have 
never had the opportunity to run tests on.

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