Culture Collection Software

Cliff Mintz mintz at CNJ.DIGEX.NET
Wed Feb 21 14:12:23 EST 1996

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996 tromick at wrote:

> We have developed and tested Windows based software for managing culture 
> collections.  The program is point-and-click friendly and has search features 
> to find a culture by any fragment of strain information.  Strain data entry 
> includes ID number, former ID number, genus, species, sub-species, plasmid(s), 
> growth conditions, storage location, and a comment box for miscellaneous 
> information.  The program also can read and write to spread sheet applications 
> (ASCII format) so current collections can be easily copied.
> If interested in acquiring an evaluation copy, please send requests to 
> tromick at
> I would like to acquire an evaluation copy.  Please let me know how to 

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