Microbes that eat oil and are safe for pl

PATEREKJR paterekjr at aol.com
Thu Feb 22 10:16:57 EST 1996

IGT is the a research agent for the gas industry.  I would be interested
in testing a sample of your product.  The gas industry has a variety of
contaminated sites (manufactured gas plant sites, exploration and
production sites, pipelines, etc.) where hydrocarbons (from PAHs to
aliphatics) are present.

I can test your material, but the results (positive or negative) would be
presented to our supporting members(and, possibly, published in
peer-reviewed literature).  If you are interested in unbaised testing and
the opportunity of presenting your product to a large potential market,
please send me a sample.  I would, of course, furnish you with any

This testing and its results would not indicate any form of endorsement by
myself or the Institute of Gas Technology for your product.

J. Robert Paterek, Ph.D.
Manager, Environmental Biotechnology
Institute of Gas Technology
1700 South Mt. Prospect Road
Des Plaines, IL  60018

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