Scytalidium acidophilum

Phyllis Williams pwilliam at SINCLAIR.EDU
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Here is a direct quotation from a small publication "A Clinician's 
Dictionary of Bacteria & Fungi" by Jorgensen, James and Rinaldi, Michael, 
pub by Eli Lilly in 1986:  
    Scytalidium:  A genus of dematiaceous hyphomycete which is currently 
in a state of taxonomic complexity.  The genus produces toruloid hyphae, 
forming thick-walled arthroconidia.  One form, the Scytalidium state of 
Hendersonula toruloidea is a synanamorph of a coelomycetous 
pycnidia-forming organism and has been responsible for keratomycosis and 
onychomycosis.  Another species, S lignicola, has caused subcutaneous 
phaeohyphomycosis.  Yet a third species, S. hyalinum has caused skin and 
nail infections and subcutaneous cysts and has been found on skin.  This 
last species may not belong in the genus at all, since it is moniliaceous 
and not darkly pigmented.  The majority of infections due to species of 
Scytalidium have occurred in individuals from tropical countries.  This 
genus requires further taxonomic clarification.
    Again, this is a direct quote from above cited reference.
 Hope this helps.  Phyllis, Sinclair Comm. College, Dayton OH

On 22 Feb 1996, Jean-Marc Ladrihre wrote:

> It seems very difficult to get informations on the mold (?) Scytalidium
> acidophilum. Any information, any reference of a paper relating to it
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks to all,
> Jean-Marc
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