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:>Dear colleagues:
:>Please point out a good antibiotic for immediate use in our industrial, 
:>large scale process.
:>In this process where the yeast convert the sugar in ethanol, there is 
:>sometimes a bacterial infection.
:>Most of the bacteria are Gram positive and among them most are Lactobacillus
:>the ideal product has to be cheap and available in large quantities ( a 
:>typical dosis can be as high as 30 kg).
:>we used to use penicillin, virginiamycin, tetracyclins, but we are now 
:>seeing resistants to these products.
:>Also, please point out lists, people, magazines, etc. where I could find 
:>more information

The use of antibiotics in alcohol fermentations is not a good idea as it can
lead to antibiotic resistance in non-target populations.

Check your start-up procedures. If you do not start up with sufficient seed
at each stage then contamination could be a problem. Analyse your plant.
Where is the contamination coming from. Check your CIP procedures. You may
be trying to put a band-aid on a serious infection.

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