Wanted: Optical Table for Bio-optics lab

Amit K Bhavsar ab95 at TAMU.EDU
Mon Feb 26 23:47:31 EST 1996

	I'm looking for a used or new optical table.   If you have one
to sell, even if it does not meet my specs, please reply.  I still may be 
able to use it.  If you don't have one, but could possibly give
me a lead into finding a used one please do.  I would greatly appreciate
it.  My semester grade depend on my getting this lab set up. I am looking
for the following:

	Optical Table
	RS4000-48-12, made by Newport
	4' x 8'

			Please send E-mail or preferably call me::
			Amit K Bhavsar
			Department of Bioengineering
			Texas A&M University
			Home: 409-776-8879
			ab95 at tamu.edu
			Message may be left for me at home or
                        at the Bioengineering office, 409-845-5532

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