Cell Culture & Hybridomas Workshop

Mr. Ken Carter kcarter at umbc.edu
Tue Feb 27 15:44:17 EST 1996

		 	    MAY 1-3, 1996

		American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
			Rockville, Maryland, USA
			   workshops at atcc.org
			     (800) 359-7370

This is a three-day fundamental course in which you will learn freezing 
and quality control procedures for mammalian cell cultures and hybridomas.

Lecture topics include the theory of cryopreservation, an overview of 
cell banking principles and practices, detection methods for microbial, 
mycoplasmal and viral contaminants, chromosome analysis, isoenzyme and 
gene probe analyses for cell line identification, plus qualitative and 
quantitative testing for antibody production.

Laboratory techniques taught include ATCC methods for cell freezing, 
isoenzymology for species determination, cytogenetics, microbial 
contaminant testing including direct and indirect methods for mycoplasma 
detection. Step-by-step instructions will be given in the laboratory, and 
participants will acquire direct working knowledge of the methodologies 

A copy of the "ATCC Quality Control Methods for Cell Lines" and the "ATCC 
Cell Lines and Hybridomas Reference Guide" will be included with the 
course manual.

Faculty: Robert Hay, Ph.D. (Workshop Director), Director, ATCC Program in 
Cell Biology; T.R. Chen, Ph.D., Research Scientist; William F. Rall, Ph.D., 
Cryobiologist; Marvin L. Macy, M.S., Collection Scientist, Cell Biology 
Department; Patrick McClintock, Ph.D., Research Scientist; Yvonne Reid, 
Ph.D., Collection Scientist.

Limited to 24 participants
FEE: $875.00 
2.1 CEUs 

*University faculty, staff, and students will receive a 10% discount*


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