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Wed Feb 28 15:23:33 EST 1996

>Is anyone else out there, familiar with the experience of pouring a 
>polyacrylamide gel really carefully, ticking off every step as you do it and 
>it not setting?


Yup. Upsetting isn't it.

But I generally find that (1) I forgot the APS, (2) The APS is off, (3) 
I forgot the TEMED, or (4) it's very cold in the lab.

I've had trouble with setting gels quite recently; I've taken to warming the 
gel mix at 42C for a couple of minutes before adding APS and TEMED and also 
using 15% APS, instead of 10%. Sometimes I prepare and pour the gel in a 37C 
room too. Gels set almost instantly, so you need a quick swirl and then 
straight into the plates.

Keep trying, it's only a gel!


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