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>  Hi,
>         I am a second year biochem student doing a project on prions, and 
> having a little trouble. My problem is not getting information sources, it
> is getting the right information sources; I have got plenty of information
> from sources such as Scientific America etc. but my prof. requires us to 
> have 10 recognized journal articles, finding the articles is so bad
> but trying to read them and understand them, let alone extracting the 
> information that I need is a chore in itself. So the question that I have
> is  I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to help me understand
>  them better, or is this just something that one picks up along the way?
>         I would also inquire if there is anyone with additional information
> on prions that would be willing to help me out it would be greatly 
> appreciated.

I have read several articles on prions. Here are the references of two
recent review articles: Biology and genetics of prion diseases by S.
Prusiner in Annual Reviews of Microbiology 48, 655-686 (1994) and a review
by D. Westaway et al. in Trends in Microbiology 3, 141-147 (1995). These
should help you.

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