calvin and hobbs webblm00 at
Thu Feb 29 01:16:34 EST 1996

	I am a second year biochem student doing a project on prions, and 
having a little trouble. My problem is not getting information sources, it
is getting the right information sources; I have got plenty of information
from sources such as Scientific America etc. but my prof. requires us to 
have 10 recognized journal articles, finding the articles is so bad
but trying to read them and understand them, let alone extracting the 
information that I need is a chore in itself. So the question that I have
is  I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to help me understand
 them better, or is this just something that one picks up along the way?
	I would also inquire if there is anyone with additional information
on prions that would be willing to help me out it would be greatly 
					Leana Webber

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