Stephen R. Decker Sdecker at
Thu Feb 29 00:36:55 EST 1996


1.  Be sure that you have personally made up all the reagents.  

2.  Make sure you Ammonium persulfate (APS) is from a new bottle,then store in 

3.  Degas all solutions under vacuum just prior to pouring.

4.  Mix well after adding TEMED and APS.  Do not aerate.

5.  pour quickly, without introducing air.

6.  If still no luck, increase the APS and TEMED

7.  If still no luck, be absolutely sure that the monomer solution contains both 
    acrylamide and Bis-acrylamide.

8.  Check pH (?).  Anyone else on this one?

9.  If still no luck, get precast gels.

Good luck


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