enveloped Hep-C virus

Amberose mharris at junction.net
Thu Feb 29 17:53:11 EST 1996

I am trying to understand the source of the enevelope around the Hep-C 
virus. My 2nd year books don't give enough info. The info I have is:1. + 
RNA virus, 2. buds from endoplasmic reticulum, 3. Flaviviridae family.
Q. 1. Does it code for some part of the envelope? ie Hemagglutinate
Q. 2. How does it keep mutating it's envelope?
Q. 3. When the host cell dies from excessive budding does it release any
markers that would lodge in the envelope to alert neighboring cells of
impending doom and let the immune system identify the intruder?
Q. 4. How does the virus elude the immune system? Does it have anything 
to do with the envelope?

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