looking for a suitable journal

Michael F. Hynes hynes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Thu Feb 29 11:26:50 EST 1996

Jesus Garcia-Gil <ieajgg at xamba.udg.es> wrote:
>After having completed a descriptive work on microbial mats from a 
>sulfur spring by means of Electron Microscopy and HPLC Pigment 
>Analisys techniques, we submitted a paper to Journals as Arch. 
>Microbiol. and FEMS Microbiol. Ecol., which was rejected because it 
>was much too "descriptive". Does any one know about any suitable 
>journal to publish the ultrastructure description of a benthic 
>microbial community?

There was an announcement here a few weeks ago about a new journal
dedicated to Biofilms. Perhaps that would be appropriate.

Other than that perhaps "Microbial Ecology" or "Canadian Journal
of Microbiology" ? 


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