DNA isolation from Gram-positives?

Hadas Sabari Av-Gay hadas at davies.microbiology.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 3 01:45:23 EST 1996

In article <199512291216.OAA10514 at cc.jyu.fi>, mtiirola at CC.JYU.FI (Marja Tiirola) says:
>Hi! Does anybody know methods for cell lysis and 
>genomic DNA isolation which are efficient for 
>Gram-positive bacteria, too? 

There are several good methods specially for Streptomyces.
See Actinomyces home page or Hopwood manual 1995.

If you are looking for PCR amplification you can just use 
a colony as an initial source. Do not use too much.
take a coloney resaspend it in .5ml h2o boil and take 5microl
for the reaction. It works like majic!!!

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