Naomi Cohl + Ralph Santoni ncrf at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jan 7 17:13:14 EST 1996

A vaccine can be made from a person's own cells. Such vaccines have
been the object of much cancer research. Has there been any research
into using such vaccines to fight HIV? I have not been able to find any

One such approach would be to remove a sample of immune cells from a
patient. Expose them to HIV or proteins thereof. Then reintroduce them
to the patient, sensitizing the immune system to the virus. This
approach seems simple. Why is it not being investigated?

I suppose the cost of doing this on a large scale might be prohibitive.
But if the idea could work, why not investigate it now, and work to
bring the cost down later?

It is possible that I am overlooking something basic. If so, please
enlighten me.

Comments are eagerly awaited.

R. Santoni
ncrf at ix.netcom.com

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