Chemical Mutagenesis of DNA

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In article <jerry-0301961454530001 at>, jerry at (Jerry Salem) says:
>Hello Netters,
>Happy New Year!
>We are trying to make random mutations in a plasmid.  Something on the
>order of one random mutation event per plasmid.  We have had some marginal
>luck using UV and EMS (methane-sulfonic acid ethyl ester).  
>However, we were wondering if anyone has any experience with doing
>chemical mutagenesis using these or other chemical mutagens (for instance
>nitrosoguanidine) who would be willing to share some expertise.  As to
>which methods give the highest number of random mutations and what
>chemicals are easier to use.  We are particularly interested in AT
>transversions although we also require AT to GC transitions.
>Please respond via email since I don't get to this group very offen, I
>will summarize all the responses and post them.
>Jerry Salem
>jerry at

Dear Jerry
I am studying the induction of mutations in mice witha view to setting
 safe exposure limits. In setting up the assay that I use I have studied
 many chemicals and their mutagenicity. I have recently used ENU
(ethylnitrosourea) and this causes some of the mutation you require
specifically AT-GC and AT-TA but it also causes GC-AT so I don't know
 if this matters. Anyway if you want more info e-mail me
Good luck

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