Postdoc available: Plant-Microbe Interactions

Steven V. Beer svb1 at
Tue Jan 9 15:51:11 EST 1996


	A post-doctoral position is available to address the phenomenon of 
harpin induced resistance of plants and hrp genes of Erwinia amylovora.  
The position is available in the Department of Plant Pathology of 
Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, beginning March, 4 1996, and lasting 
for at least one year.  There is a strong possibility of extension 
beyond that year, subject to mutual satisfaction and the availability of 
funds.  The salary will be competitive and an attractive fringe benefits 
package is included.

	A major responsibility of the position (about 50% time) is for further 
research needed to develop harpin (a protein produced by Erwinia 
amylovora that elicits the hypersensitive response in non-host plants 
and is required for the fire blight disease) as a plant disease control 
agent.  In studies to date, treatment of plants with harpin was found to 
induce resistance against a variety of plant pathogens.  The phenomenon 
is similar to classical systemic acquired resistance (S A R). There are 
many unanswered questions inherent in this system that are ripe for 
fundamental investigation.  

	In addition, other fundamental hrp gene-related research in bacteria 
and/or plants is expected.  There are many attractive questions that 
could be addressed with the systems in hand.  Fundamental plant 
molecular biological research on the action of Erwinia amylovora and its 
gene products is needed.  The person assuming the position will have 
considerable freedom in deciding the precise direction of such studies.  
He/She will join a vibrant team addressing many fundamental questions 
relating to the fire blight pathogen, including such topics as molecular 
mechanisms of pathogenesis, diversity among strains, basis of host 
specificity and biological control through antibiotic-producing 
non-pathogenic bacteria.  The overall program is supported by a number 
of funding sources.

	The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in plant pathology, plant 
molecular biology, microbiology or a related subject with strong 
training and/or experience in molecular genetics.  Several years of 
appropriate post-doctoral research will be considered a plus.  Persons 
interested should contact Dr. Steven V. Beer by e-mail 
(SVB1 at; telephone (607 255-7870); fax (607 255 4471) or mail 
(Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  14853).  
A complete application will include: 1.  Resume;  2.  Copies of 
publications and manuscripts;  3.  The names of, and contact means for, 
four persons capable of rendering meaningful opinions on the applicant¹s 
qualifications.  No hiring decision will be made until at least February 
15, 1996.  Thus, to ensure consideration, inquiries and application 
should be made in January or early February.

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