Salk's Theory on Aids

SciJohn scijohn at
Fri Jan 12 04:32:25 EST 1996

Drinking cattle blood would not make a person immune to the aids virus. It
might make them develop antibodies to cattle blood. Blood is a vehicle of
transmission for the aids virus not the virus itself . Since the virus
attacks the immune system, a vaccine could possibly be made from a mutated
strain of the aids virus; a mutated strain that could not replicate
itself. This may actually have happened to a few people infected with the
virus. There are a few people (hemophiliacs) who received blood products
from an infected blood donor in Australia. They have yet to exhibit any
symptoms more than 5 years later. There are other cases here in the U.S..
It has been theorized that the virus these Australians were infected with
is a mutated strain unable to replicate. They could be immune to the virus
entirely by accident. Some scientists would like to identify that strain
and inject it into healthy volunteers. Thus stimulating an immune
reaction. You can imagine the ethical problems with that. What if the
strain mutates again in the volunteer?

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