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>My apologies if this is not the right newsgroup to post to.  I hope
>someone here can tell me a bit about M.R.S.A.  which I'm told is
>endemic in many hospitals.  

>1.I don't know exactly what it is and why it is so bad for
>patients to have it.

it is an infection by S aureus, the bacterium hs a wide ranging
resistance to most antibiotics, the organism swaps resistant genes via
plasmid trnsfer/conjugation

Scincxe antibiotics have no affect on it, an infection can spread
unhindered an a small cut, post operative infection can result in
devistating results

>2.  Apparently it's resistant to treatment by most drugs but a new
>type of drug is now available which has been more effective in
>treating it.  Is this drug still at testing stage, or is it already in

this is true, one of the last major Antibiotics to have some effect is
called Vancomycin, however this has side effects, it is in use in the
UK anyway

there also exists an organism called VRE, vancomycin resistant
enterobacter, It is resistant to Vancomysin, there is not a readily
available treatment for this, new drugs are being tested.

My two year old nephew contracted VRE after a house fire in june 95,
he developed menengitis as a result of VRE and is now suffering from
severe brain damage.  I know that the doctors at Gt Ormand Street
Hospital (London) used a test drug from france, but I am not sure of
its name. the drug appeared to work, but liver damage is a significant
side effect

>Third, if someone is symptom free but is a carrier of MRSA, is is
>possible that they could eventually spontaneously get rid of the MRSA
>or will they remain infected forever?

the relapse rate is significant, I understand it to be in the nature
of 20 % ( don't quote me) It is theoreticl possible for them to lose
the infection but probably unlikely
>I'd also be grateful for sites etc.  which have more info.  

>Thanks very much for reading this and I hope you can help. 

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