Any microbiology jokes?

Shawn Wilson nstn0306 at
Thu Jan 18 21:54:15 EST 1996

In article <4d6fs7$vjk at>, Dave Carbone <dcarbone at> says:
>Ah, microbiology jokes; yes, scientists can have humour.
>Actually, Gary Larson (Far Side creator) has done many microbiology
>related jokes, try checking out some of his books in a book store.
>(Can overheads be used?)
>Some that come to mind are:
>the scientists eating their lunch in the laboratory, one is drinking 
>something yellow out of a glass, and another one says, "What the, 
>This is lemonade! Where's my culture of amoebic dysentery?"
>the scientist looking through his microscope, and being squirted in the 
>eye, with the caption "Paramecium humor"
>two bacteria sitting in chairs, with the caption "he told you that?  
>Well, he's pulling your flagellum, Nancy"
>And remember, Microbiologist get looped, and go streaking!!!  
There's another one with a male single-celled organism and his wife.  She 
is nagging him.  "Stimulus response, stimulus response, don't you ever 

There's also another good one showing the Center for Pathogenic Organisms 
or something similar.  There's a scientist looking out of the third storey
window at a broken beaker on the sidewalk below.  The caption simply reads


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