Your spare SLIDES needed! Help Please!

Dave Jensen SMI at
Thu Jan 18 22:42:12 EST 1996

Our company has a program where we purchase and distribute microscopes to
schools to help get kids interested in science. It's a real investment for
us, because we're not a Merck or corporate-sized business.

These microscopes go to classrooms where the kids are ages 10-17. At this
time, we can not afford to send an assortment of slides along with the
scopes, and it is up to the teachers to get them.

Do you have any spare slides of any sort of specimen that you think our
kids would enjoy looking at? (They LOVE any kind of interesting subject).

If you have some slides in your lab that you don't need any longer, please
forward them to me and I'll make sure they go to good use. In return,
you'll get a personal "THANK YOU" note from a child who will write to tell
you how much they appreciate your donation to their science education!

Best regards, and thank you for your consideration ---

Dave Jensen
Search Masters International
Five Hundred Foothills South, Suite #2
Sedona, AZ 86336
(520) 282-3553 Phone or (520) 282-5881 Fax

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