Rats, Lice and History, and other books

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Fri Jan 19 17:49:19 EST 1996

In article <chlamy-1801961328050001 at cgc.botany.duke.edu>, chlamy at acpub.duke.edu (Elizabeth Harris) says:
>I'm interested in recommendations for readable, general-audience books on
>epidemiology and infectious disease, especially the effects of microbial
>diseases on human society.  Zinsser's _Rats, Lice and History_ made a big
>impact on me when I read it 30+ years ago, and had a significant effect on
>my decision to go into microbiology.  I'm looking for other books of this
>type that would appeal to college students.  Any suggestions?
>Elizabeth Harris
>chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

The novel,  Arrowsmith--(not the Rock Star).  The story is built around
some of the earliest events and discoveries of bacteriophage.

Some of the story could inspire students to take more math--an interesting
subplot concerns his need to learn math in order to understand viruses.
I think the author was Sinclair Lewis.  It has been 30 + years since I 
read it and my memory may not be accurate.

Another great book, not in micro but in physiology is Pain Hunger Fear and
Rage; (I can't recall the exact title, written ca. 1937). Every 
student of physiology or pharmacology should be required to read this one.

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