Any microbiology jokes?

Dan Beacom beacom at
Mon Jan 22 11:10:34 EST 1996

Three comics I remember (Far Side, Caldwell and ????)

1. (my favorite) The one cell organism (ameoba?) family is sitting around 
looking at family snapshots using a slide projector.  The caption reads:  
"Crimony, that's not uncle Floyd, that's an air bubble.

2.  A scientist is looking into the microscope holding a small tool under the 
objective.  His says something like- "rats, sliced another one into the cocci".
The caption reads:  "Micro-minuature golf"

3.  Four planaria and a basketball are floating near a basketball hoop.  The 
caption reads:  "Looks like someone is going to have to cut themselves in half"

Quotes are from memory-probably not verbatim.

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