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>Does anyone know of any studies on the types and numbers(CFUs) of molds found
>in houses or apartments.  I'm sure it has been studied for larger structures
>such as office buildings but have houses been studied?  If you have any
>information I would appreciate your help.




Try these articles as a good starting place.  If these don't help, give me a 
call or send an E-mail.  I have about 200 articles dealing with airborne 
bacteria and mold.  Good luck:

"Bioaerosol Concentrations in Noncomplaint, Complaint, and Intervention Homes 
in the Midwest."  Am. Ind. Hygiene Assoc. J.  V56: 573-580.  1995.

"Airborne Characterization of Fungi Indooors and Outdoors."  J. Aersol Sci., 
V23 Suppl. 1:  S667-S670.  1992.

"Airborne Cladosporium and Other Fungi in Damp Versus Reference Residences."  
Atmospheric Environment Vol. 26B. #1:  121-124.  1992.


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