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Wed Jan 24 13:29:05 EST 1996

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->I am a high school student currently doing a expository scientific
->paper on Retroviruses.  All the info I have found on the net so far
->has been too specific, ie. deals with, say, a protein found in certain
->retroviruses.  I need material on the following subtopics:  basic
->structure, different types of retroviruses, how they operate/infect a
->cell, and, difficulty in treatment (ie. reverse transcriptase.
->Any information anyone could either send me or point me to would be
->greatly appreciated.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a college you might be able to 
find a textbook in the university bookstore on virology that should have 
some good information in it. A general microbiology textbook may also have 
some good information in it as well.  Talking to a local M.D. might be a 
good first step to finding information if you don't have access to a 

Hope this helps.

Jim Crookston
Undergraduate in Microbiology/Immunology Option
Virginia Tech 

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