HELP NEEDED: N.meningitidis serological tests

Miss Joanne E Russell bs21jr at
Wed Jan 24 17:10:56 EST 1996


I am currently doing research on N.meningitidis for my final year undergrad

I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for information
regarding serological tests used on a clinical basis for this bug.  
I am particularly interested in the drawbacks of such tests (i.e the inability
to distinguish serogroups.  

Any other N.meingitidis resources you may know about will also be gratefully
appreciated too.  

I would be extremely grateful for this any info, and thank you in advance.

Jo Russell

P.S I would dearly love to continue studying N.meningitidis after I graduate,
so     if you have knowledge of any relevant PhD's I could apply for I would
appreciate it if you could let me know.  I expect to get a 2i BSc Medical
Microbiology (June 1996) and have work experience in Molecular Microbiology.

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