Other resistant bacteria besides MRSA

Rafael Maldonado rafael at howard.genetics.utah.edu
Tue Jan 23 20:32:03 EST 1996

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Shan Putnam wrote:
> It seems that the pharm companies and health care have divergent interests.  Pharm 
> companies must sell drugs to stay in business and fund further antibiotic research 
> and the health care world must start to limit antibiotic usage to control the 
> runaway bacterial resistant, thereby limiting the revenue of pharm companies.  Of 
> course the Pharm companies will prob raise the price of their antibiotic to off-set 
> the lower usage volume.

I wouldn't say so. Pharmacological companies are more interested in using 
the same antibiotic for many years, knowing how expensive is designing 
and getting approved new antibiotics. 

We believed that antibiotics would save us from diseases; and we use them 
too much. In some countries where antibiotics are sold freely (as in 
Spain), resistant strains are a real problem. True that companies have 
made a good profit of that, but now those antibiotics are not effective 
any more, so they have to figure out how to solve the problem to "keep in 
bussines". A more much expensive solution.

Of course, we need a seirous planification to solve this problem: 
companies, health authorities and regular lay people must understand that 
antibiotics don't mean the victory of the war, but the victory of a small 


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