Auramine Rhodamine vs Kinyoun

Bill Keil billkeil at
Tue Jan 23 20:15:47 EST 1996

   In our lab we perform an Auramine Rhodamine stain on all direct and
concentrated smears.  If a smear is positive, we then perform a Kinyoun
stain on that smear.  The thought being that the Auramine Rhodamine stain
indicates the presence or absence of AFB, and the Kinyoun stain indicates
the viability of the AFB.  So if a smear is AR pos and Kin pos we report
out "AFB seen, organisms viable".  Does anyone else do this?????  We
couldn't find any articles to back this procedure up.  If anyone can
suggest some articles to comfirm this we would greatly appreciate it!!!!!
Bill Keil M.T. (ASCP)
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