Clostridium dificile (Genomic DNA)

Chris Buckingham cebee at
Wed Jan 24 18:51:59 EST 1996

Dear Tracey
I encounted th very same problem whilst doing an MSc project.I modified a 
method by Kuijper.EJ etal 1987.J Clin Micro 25:(4)751-753.
Other papers worth looking at are,Clabots CR etal 1993 J Clin Micro 
31:(7)1870-75 and Pitcher DG etal 1989 Letts in Applied Micro 8:151-156.
Also you might try using 1.6% glycine encorperated into your growth 
medium which preconditions cells enabling for complete lysis,see Devlin  
HR etal 1987 J Clin Micro 25:(11)2168-2172.

I eventually harvested some genomic DNA but it was hard work!!! so keep 
trying,if I can be of any help drop me a line.
Best of luck
Chris Buckingham
(cebee at

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