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Thu Jan 25 13:00:14 EST 1996

jcrookst at (James Crookston) writes:

>Hello all.

>I am somewhat of a newbie to the group (I have lurked for the past week 
>and a half).  I will be graduating from Virginia Tech in December of 1996 
>with my BS in Microbiology/Immunology, and I was wondering if anybody had 
>any suggestions about good graduate programs (in the US) to supplement the 
>universities that I have looked at so far.  As of now I am primarily 
>interested in Masters programs, and I am currently interested in bacterial 
>pathogenesis/clinical micro.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


>Jim Crookston  

Virginia Tech itself had a first-rate group studying the microbiology
of anaerobes (Jim Ferry et al.)  Unfortunately, the harsh cuts in
education imposed by the new governor have sent everyone in that
group to other states.  As a longtime resident of Virginia and grad-
uate of U.Va., I just can't see the logic in cutting education when
Virginia has two really good public colleges.

I can tell you the U. of Mass. has a very good group of people, whose
concentration is environmental microbiology.  If you are interested
in this subject, then I would consider U. Mass.

Here at Rugters we have some strong researchers in the areas of bio-
remediation and waste treatment.  These are largely professors in
the Environmental Science and Resource Management department (the
oldest in the US!)  My own perception is that some of the classes
are a little "soft;" if you are interested in one of the fields
mentioned, you may wish to get more information.

The University of Maryland has a number of good microbial ecologists
and environmental microbiologists.  You may wish to gather info on
their program in "marine, estuarine, and environmental science,"
of which I am a graduate (MS.)

Hope this helps.  If you consider Maryland or Rutgers, feel free to
direct questions to me about them, as I have attended both.

Nick Landau
Rutgers University
nlandau at

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