smallpox extinction

Andrea Dennis adennis at
Thu Jan 25 11:24:07 EST 1996

emailname at wrote:
> ŒAfter several stays of execution, the smallpox virus,
> one of the biggest killers in history, is back on death row.¹
> (NY Times, January 25, 1996)
> We would like to hear you opinion about the recommendation
> of the governing board of the World Health Organization
> that the last two remaining stocks of the smallpox virus,
> in Russia and the United States, be destroyed by June 30, 1999.
> Thanking you in advance,
> dr Joseph van den Broek
> editor in chief BIOnieuws
> Netherlands Biology Association (NIBI)
> email 76631.1366 at
Dr. Van Den Broek,
Are you sure you want to open this can of worms???
I personally, as a Student of Science am appalled 
at the possibility of destroying Smallpox.
I don't think that the government should be in 
the position of making such a decision. There is 
absolutely no reason whatsoever that anyone should
accept the "story" that there are no stores of 
smallpox virus outside of Moscow and Atlanta.
Especially after the event of the last 9 months, with the
discovery of more virus outside of those places.
Of course, I could go on about this forever...
But I won't, even though I wish I could.
I'm sure that our protests will not halt the 
destruction of smallpox. I can only hope that somewhere, 
someone will actually THINK about what it is that they 
are proposing, and realize that they could be destroying one
of our only resources for cure, should it break out again...or
should biological warfare be issued. That they may be destroying
the "organism" that has manipulated and changed world history, 
and that they may be destroying something that could someday
be the key or cure to a new disease, not yet discovered.
I hope that somewhere, someone realizes what a big mistake 
they are making.

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