instability in stock cultures of Erwinia

Thu Jan 25 16:08:03 EST 1996

Subj:     RE: Instability in stock cultures of Erwinia

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> A number of plant pathologists associated with Microbial Germplasm
> Database ( have posed this question.  If
> anyone can help, I'll forward to the interested parties.
>  > These individuals are having difficulty with stored glycerol stocks of
> softrot Erwinia, specifically Ecc and Eca.  Each researcher uses their
> strains for plant experiments once or so a year and the strains remain
> stored the rest of the year.  This year, after culturing, the strains
> were very weakly pectolytic on CVP and caused some, but less than
> before, maceration in tubers.  I've asked about tuber age and culture
> contamination, but my sleuthing didn't come up with anything that was
> obviously awry.
>  > Has anyone else encountered this problem?  If so, how common is it to
> observe loss or reduction of pectolytic activity on CVP and maceration
> of potato tubers of Ecc or Eca cultures stored in glycerol at below
> -20 (usually at -70)?  Does anyone know why it happens?  Are there
> other ways to store Ecc or Eca such that pectolytic activity is
> preserved?

M. Alexeyev REPLIED

>I have encountered similar problems when screening Erwinia and
>Enterobacter cultures for the presence of restriction endonucleases.
>Several strains that had RE activity have lost it after 1 month storage in a stab at
>room temp. I would be curious to learn the reason.

I wonder if the activity of endogenous mutagens is induced
under these storage conditions or upon release from them.
I would be interested in looking for active insertion elements in these strains.
Roger Wheatcroft
Agriculture Canada, Ottawa.

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