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>There is nothing immoral or improper about introducing Earthly life
>to dead extraterrestrial bodies!

On whose authority. That's a rather arrogant view.

>The Earth is rapidly becoming an inhospitable place for many kinds
>of life.

Only through gross excess of human activity.

>  If you believe Malthuss' predictions, then humanity itself
>is going to suffer as a result of our own overconsumption and over-
>pollution of this planet.

Jolly good job too. The sooner humans become extinct the better, give
this planet a chance.

>The sooner we can create life sustaining planets elsewhere, the
>better chance we have of surviving as a species, and saving some
>other species while we are at it.  Alien oceans could become home
>to whales, just as people could colonize alien worlds.

Then we could hunt THEM to extinction as well. What fun.
>The bottom line is we are in big trouble with this world.  This all
>may seem like science fiction, but ozone depletion used to seem
>like science fiction, too.  The natural beauty of Mars, unmarred by
>life might be a thing of great value (although no human has ever
>seen it,) but nothing lasts forever.  People used to think that the
>rainforests were nice, too.  And the Aral Sea.  I would rather
>see Mars littered with life than see life disappear from the Solar
>system completely.

Life no, humans....

'bye, time for a whale berger and chips.


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