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Hi everyone;
I thought that I would toss in my observations.  Bacteria have inclusion, 
polyphosphate, iron, etc; and they also have vacuoles whose membrane is 
made solely of protein (if memory serves).  Since I call ribosomes 
organelles, albeit, nonmembrane bound organelles; I say that bacteria and 
other prokaryotes lack a defined nucleus and that the different S of 
ribosomes separate them from eukaryotes.  At least, this way I can 
include ribosomes and inclusions as organelles.  This is my way around 
this particular problem.

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On 25 Jan 1996, Nicholas Landau wrote:

> drseuss at usa.pipeline.com(The Doctor) writes:
> >Here's one for the record... 
> >The debate over whether or not a ribosome was considered an organelle
> >recently surfaced between myself and a few associates of mine, and I am
> >looking for input from any one else who cares to add their two cwnts in. 
> >     I take the side that they are, since even though they are not
> >encapsulated with a plasma membrane, they exist in the cytoplasmic material
> >and perform a metabolic function. If this is not the case, will someone
> >please enlighten me??? 
> > 
> >The Doctor....
> I think the non-organelle camp may be right.  Prokaryotes are not considered
> to have organelles.  Prokaryotes do, however, posses ribosomes.  One might
> deduce that ribosomes are therefore not organelles.  Ribosomes can be
> a component of some organelles, such as the rough endoplasmic reticulum.
> I answered this question without flipping to a reference text, so you may
> take it with a grain of salt.  It is just an intuitive impression, and
> if it is not correct, then I apologize.  Sometimes can't resist throwing
> in my 2 cents worth.
> Nick Landau
> Rutgers University
> nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu

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