Clostridium antitoxin

J. Calbreath jcal at
Fri Jan 26 17:47:16 EST 1996

Here at the Univ of Washington we use a solution of Clostridium 
perfringens antitoxin in the Micro courses to demonstrate ppt on egg yolk 
agar.  We have run into a problem that I am hoping one of you can assist 
us with.  We have run out of the antitoxin and can not find another supply.

What we have used for many years came from Wellcome Diagnostics in Dartford
England.  The label said Cl. welchii Type A antitoxin from horse.  We 
have contacted Wellcome/Murex and they had nothing that we could use.  
Have tried some veterinary supply houses with equal lack of success.

So, help!!!  

Thanks, Jim Calbreath

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