Facial hair

Alan D. Grund adgbtr at dataplusnet.com
Fri Jan 26 22:15:36 EST 1996

> Do transsexuals, male to female, still shave?
> I have friends who have facial hair problems. Bob, 32, male, is often
> asking if men switching to women still shave after the switch. He can
> shave, but he hate to, especially every day.
> Ann, 35, female, has a BAD problem. She would appreciate ANY ideas,
> recommendations for doctors, books, articles, etc... She hates to use
> tweezers and hot wax.  Is there more than one way to lighten her dark
> facial hairs? Would ANY hormones stop or slow the facial hair growth,
> without messing up her system TOO badly?
> Got ANY ideas?
> Do transsexuals, female to male, still menstruate?
> Thanks.   Sarr at Sciboard.Louisville.Edu

Try to sober up. This group is for microbiology, not personal hygiene, and
certainly not for transsexual questions. I hope her facial hair problem
gets worse. How about your problem?

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