How do you introduce plasmid DNA into B. megaterium?

Mark Mark
Tue Jan 30 20:48:56 EST 1996

Apparently you can introduct plasmids into B.meg via conjugal transfer from 
E. coli. Phil Youngman has done it and apparently it has been known for some time.
Hope this helps. Sorry I don't have any refs on it. This just came up in conversation.
In article <199601260507.XAA36471 at> damullin at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU (David A. Mullin) writes:
>        I plan to construct a gene replacement in Bacillus megaterium.  Can
>someone who knows about B. megaterium suggest the best way to introduce a
>suicide plasmid? (eg, electroporation, transformation [does B.m. develope
>competence naturally?], or conjugation).
>        Sincerely,
>        D. Mullin

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