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Announcing the launch at the beginning of March, 1996 of a new
ONLINE-ONLY journal.                    

The biofilm community is a highly active group, encompassing
many disciplines and applications, from engineering to
physiology, modelling to medicine. We have felt for some time
that a publication vehicle to cover these multidisciplinary
interests would be scientifically productive, allowing cross
fertilisation of ideas between the different interest groups.

Accordingly, we are now issuing a call for papers from
scientists in the whole of this broad area. Papers will be
welcomed on, for example, studies on water treatment, dental
practice, medicine, corrosion, ecological investigations and
OF THE STUDY. Equally welcome will be papers about the
microbiology, biochemistry, chemical composition, physical
structure, bioengineering use, modelling, simulation and
biotechnological aspects of biofilms in the above and other
relevant areas, as well as papers describing the methodologies
of investigation. Accepted papers will be published
immediately on acceptance, paper by paper. 

The journal will be published by Bioline Publications system
on the Internet, without hardcopy equivalent, apart from archiving purposes.
** Access routes to Bioline are listed below. Papers will be delivered 
directly to the subscriber's computer by Email or can be viewed on-line
via the World Wide Web (URL below).

An International Advisory Board is established and offered
papers will be rigorously peer reviewed. 

The Editorial Board currently consists of:

D. Allison, Manchester University, UK -
                          dallison at
A. Clare, Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK
                          TCL at
R. Colwell, Institute of Marine Biotechnology, Maryland, USA -
                          colwellr at
W. Costerton, Centre for Biofilm Engineering, Montana, USA -
                          bill_c at
J. Holah, Campden Food Research Association, UK
                          Holah at
W.C Keevil, Centre for Applied and Microbiological Research,   
                          UK - 100144.371 at 
Z. Lewandowski, Centre for Biofilm Engineering, Montana, USA -
                          zl at
T. Mattila-Sandholm, VTT, Finland
                          Tiina Mattila-Sandholm at
M. Siebel, - Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental         
                          Engineering, Netherlands -
                          mark.vl at
M van Loosdrecht, Technical University, Delft, Netherlands, -
                          mas at
M. Wilson, Eastman Dental Institute, UK -                      
                          mwilson at

Arrangements are being made with abstracting organisations to
index and abstract contributions.

There will be no page charges and copyright will remain with
the author.

Offered papers should be sent either by Email to
biofilm at or on disk by post to:

The Managing Editor
Stainfield House 
Lincs PE10 0RS         

TEL +44 1778 570 618; 
Fax +44 1778 570 175
Email: biofilm at

Full instructions for authors are available by Email from the
managing editor.

** Bioline can be accessed by:

World Wide Web:

(for Email access consult bio at


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