For electro mag radiation/bacteria impact, seeking sci fair mentor

Geraldine Okwesa gokwesa at
Wed Jan 31 15:34:40 EST 1996

One of the Junior High School students I advise is exploring the impact 
of electromagnetic radiation on E. Coli. reproduction

I am looking for people with background in this area who could coach her 
via email or point her to relevant internet-based resources.

More information on her project can be found at

If you've got the time, browse our entire Science Fair web.
Students at Hine Junior High School in Washington, D.C. are diligently
working on Science Fair Projects and searching  for ways to improve
their ideas.  Many projects are at different stages of development and
now require some input from a mentor/teacher.

The students doing the projects listed here are in need or ideas and
suggestions for their experimental design.  If you can be of assistance
in supplying materials or advise please respond to their teacher at
gokwesa at  Projects are to be completed by March 1, 1996

Thanks much for your help.

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