Anaerobic Medium?

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>I am studying the rate of growth of Clostridium tyrobutyricum in acid medium
>and have found them to be very sensitive to the presence of oxygen. I follow
>the growth rate by measuring the turbidity at 650 nm. I have tried using
>different techniques to reduce the oxygen content of the medium but with 
>little success. 
>Gassing with CO2 does not reduce the oxygen content sufficiently.
>The addition of cysteine to the medium is also not sufficient but the
>presence of sodium thiogllycolate inhibits growth. 
>The addition of Oxyrase, a commercial enzyme preparation which removes 
>oxygen, causes turbidity and prevents accurate measurement of growth.
>Does anyone have an idea how I could reduce the oxygen content of
>the medium without causing turbidity?
>Thank you.

Please take a look at our webpage for anaerobic PRAS media:


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