Bergey's On-Line???

David R. Boone boone at
Fri Mar 8 20:00:56 EST 1996

Anonymous wrote:
> Is there, by chance, an online version of Bergey's? Or
> something comparable? Just something to look up info on
> various bugs is desired!!!!

An electronic version of Bergey's Manuals (on disk or CD) is 
scheduled to be out this summer.  This product will be (among 
other things) a database in which you can search for organisms 
with characteristics similar to those of an isolate (or 
unknown), or you can select a taxonomic group and see the 
complete list of its recorded characteristics.

You can check Bergey's homepage:
which will announce the products availability.  The publisher, 
Williams & Wilkins, also has a home page:

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