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Several questions on evolution, and mutation (rate)

Robert H Ruskin ruskinr at aruba.ccit.arizona.edu
Sun Sep 1 11:51:39 EST 1996

What is being lost here is the probability that life of any kind could 
form on Mars. The central theme of the Creationists has been that life is 
*UNIQUE TO EARTH*, that a Divine Creator looked down and gave a Great ZAP!! 
and in 7 days all life arose in its present form -- 10,000 years ago. The 
concept of Evolution states that life is much older -- 3.8 million years 
old -- and that life did not come neatly packaged in its original form, 
rather existing life forms arose from simplier life forms. The problem 
that the creationists face [and most religions] that cling to a literal 
interpretation of the Bible [where Man is the center of the universe] is 
now their theory [stated as fact] now gets thrown into chaos. There will be 
no way for them to explain away this evidence and that life is NOT unique to 

The problem with religion is that it clubs people over the head and puts
some self-appointed person and his descendants to be the intermediate
between God and Man.  Evolution is a direct challenge to these self
appointed people in that it poses the question "Is there a God?" If life
can arise de-novio, then the thesis for there being a God that directs
Man's life is weakened -- the ultimate horror to people who wish to
control other people's lives, since their power resides in their ability
to intercede between man and God. No God; no power. Notice it took the
Catholic Church until the 1990s to make an apology to Galileo who was the
first to say that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. 

What the creationists miss is that even if life is found to be common 
throughout the universe, it does not mean that there is no God, that 
there is not a common creator for all universal life, only that their 
literal interpretation of the Bible is WRONG. Creationists try to dictate 
to God [if one is inclined to believe there is -- I do] how He Created 
the Universe, rather than let God reveal to them through clues He Left 
Behind, the story of Creation. ...and if it turns out there is no God 
.... So???

Be it said or unsaid since the days of Darwin on down, the challenge 
posed by evolution to Creationists is not one of is there a God, it is 
about POWER to rule people. Faith is something that is personal which 
does not require a priestly class to act as an intermediary between God and 
man. Science is about KNOWLEDGE, and understanding. Knowledge in 
and of itself is in the process of evolving. Creationists need to 
GROW UP, and let go of their baby toys. Science does not exclude a God, 
rather it only considers the possibility that there might not be one as a 
part of any set of real solutions. If life is indeed found on Mars, the 
literal interpretation of the Bible goes down the drain, since evolution 
or not the "Life on Earth; Man as the center of the Universe" theory will 
have been disproven once and for all. Creationists need to understand 
that if there is a God, then He requires them to grow in understanding. 
The Bible is a product of Man passed down from oral traditions, and as 
such can be filled with errors; God's Word [if one accepts that there is 
a God] has been left throughout the universe in many forms, these 
Words are available to any person willing to seek them out and study 
them. That process is SCIENCE; the story of the Creation is found in 

       R.H. Ruskin Jr., Ph.D.       ruskinr at aruba.ccit.arizona.edu
  "Sometimes the veil between human and animal intelligence wears very 
  thin -- then one experiences the supreme thrill of keeping a cat, or 
  perhaps allowing oneself to be owned by a cat." -- Catherine Manley

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