Will atmospheric storage tank for water cause microbe problem?

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>  Circulating water stays cleaner than stagnant water.  UV will 
>not work since the light will not penetrate very far into the water of a
>tank.  Ozone bubbled into the tank would be the best option.  This can be

>expensive and dangerous (high electricity) but will keep the tank and the

>distribution lines relatively free of bacterial contamination.

I agree UV will not work.  Ozone has a lot of problems too.  Since the
system is small,  why not just heat the storage tank with a gas fired hot
water heater or steam heat exchanger.  (I once used a domestic hot water
heater from SEARS and a CPVC recirculation loop.)

Have you ever tried to culture anything out of your own hot water pipes at
home?  I have.  Even using R2A, membrane filters,and 7 days at room temp.
I got <1 CFU/1000 mL.  And, that was only at 140F.  The source water
contains chlorine and so should yours.



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