VRE Information please

LARISSA MCARTHUR RISS at onaustralia.com.au
Sun Sep 8 00:48:07 EST 1996

Dear Nicole,
The VRE we are hearing about in Australia is Vancomycin resistant
Entrococus. It is multi-resistant gram positive cocci (chaining) bacteria.
It is of particular concern to the medical field. Once an infection is
caused by VRE it is difficult to control. It is a product of over use of
antibiotics in the community and in hospitals. This results in organisms,
such as VRE, developing multi-resistance. It is found in the enviroment.
It's not all doom and gloom, in health person their own immunity will
fight of such infections.

> rblain at werple.net.au (Richard & Nicole Blain) wrote in article
<4vpcie$79 at eplet.mira.net.au>...
> What is this VRE organism we are hearing about in Australia. Is it a
> Vancomyacin resistant E.coli?, and if so what strain/s. I would be
> interested in some general information. thanks Nicole.

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